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If you are trying to find a lawyer in Chicago, chances are you have suffered an injury or some other life changing event. If you type in the search terms “Chicago attorney” on Google, you will come up with over 29,000,000 results. Even a search for a “Lake County Illinois Attorney” comes up with 380,000 results. How do you know who to call? How do you know who to trust? The Illinois lawyers at the Chicago Legal Group are independent Chicago attorneys who have informally banded together to inform the public that there are professional, experienced, successful attorneys ready and able to help you at a moment’s notice with whatever your problem is. Unlike some websites that don’t tell you who the lawyers you will be working with are, the Chicago Legal Group is proud to introduce you to our affiliated attorneys:

Our attorneys practice in Chicago, IL, and in all surrounding collar counties, including but not limited to Cook, DuPage, Kane, McHenry, and Lake County. To reach one of our attorneys, contact us by telephone at 877-LAW-4-312 or in Chicago at 312-848-9783.

How it works

If you are calling regarding family law, real estate or any other area of law outside of personal injury, Barry Zlotowicz will work as the intermediary between you and your future lawyer. When you contact us, Barry Zlotowicz will initially respond to your call or email. He will contact you immediately, take as much relevant information about your case as he can and will then forward your case to the appropriate attorney. Our participation in your matter will cease at that time and you will work going forward with your attorney. Our commitment to you is that in all matters, you will speak to an attorney, your case will be taken seriously, you will be treated with respect, you will receive prompt service, and we will offer a fair and honest evaluation of your case.

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For an immediate consultation regarding your case, contact Barry Zlotowicz immediately. Telephone us at 877-LAW-4-312, in Chicago at 312-848-9783 or click here to find a Chicago, Illinois lawyer today!