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Who pays the medical bills after an auto accident

April 28, 2018 by Barry Zlotowicz Auto Accident Claims 
Who pays the medical bills after an auto accident? If you were injured in a…
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Should you file a police report after an auto accident

March 31, 2018 by admin Accident Claim Lawyer  Personal Injury 
Should you file a police report after an auto accident? The answer is almost always…
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Uber Liability For Self-Driving Car Fatalities

March 24, 2018 by admin Personal Injury Lawyer 
There has been so much talk in the media recently about artificial intelligence and how…
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Illinois injury lawyer - Can I sue the insurance company

My name is Barry Zlotowicz and I am an Illinois injury lawyer. I often get…
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Chicago Pedestrian Accident Attorney

March 10, 2018 by admin Chicago Pedestrian Accident Attorney 
Barry Zlotowicz is a Chicago pedestrian accident attorney who is dedicated to maximizing your recovery…
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Car Accident Lawyer Chicago - PTSD After a Car Accident

March 3, 2018 by admin Car accident  PTSD 
If you are searching for a car accident lawyer Chicago to help you recover for…
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Injured as a passenger in a car accident – Who do you sue?

Quite often I get calls from people who were injured as a passenger in a…
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Illinois Accident Lawyer - Property damage attorney

Call Illinois accident lawyer Barry Zlotowicz of the Chicago Legal Group today at 847-305-4105 if…
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Personal injury law firm - arbitration clauses

Personal injury law firm discusses arbitration of auto insurance claims My name is Barry Zlotowicz…
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Is Medpay Worth It – An Injury Lawyer Perspective

As an injury lawyer, I always recommend that my clients advise their medical providers to…
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