Chicago Slip And Fall Attorney Recovers On Behalf Of Injured Client

March 14, 2013 by Barry Personal Injury 

Chicago Slip And Fall Attorney Recovers On Behalf Of Injured Client

Chicago Slip and fall Settlement

Chicago slip and fall attorneys at the Chicago Legal Group recently settled a case with co-counsel on behalf of a victim of a slip and fall accident at a major Chicago restaurant chain for an undisclosed sum.

Our client, a retired Illinoisan was walking on the pavement in front of a suburban restaurant when he tripped and fell over a pad of cement that had become elevated and uneven over time. Our client fell forward landing on his elbow. He sought immediate medical care. Over the next week, the pain and discomfort in his elbow increased. He sought medical care and eventually learned he had bursitis – inflammation of the bursa sac in his elbow. Our client underwent several procedures to drain the fluid from his elbow eventually undergoing a bursectomy, the removal of his elbow bursa sac.

The client had significant medical expenses and endured considerable pain and suffering. Our office conducted an extensive Chicago slip and fall accident investigation, including speaking to the manager of the restaurant. In the process we learned that the slip and fall accident could have been avoided if corporate for the restaurant had heeded its manager’s warning and repaired the cement pad.

An experienced Chicago slip and fall attorney is able to determine whether a plaintiff can prevail on a Chicago slip and fall case.  “Slip and fall cases are tough. It takes a combination of the right plaintiff and the right set of facts and even then you could get defensed,” said attorney Barry Zlotowicz.

There are many Chicago slip and fall attorneys who have obtained good results for their clients. If you are injured in a Chicago slip and fall accident, contact the Chicago Legal Group for a free consultation to determine whether you have a viable case. Call us at 847-305-4105 or outside of Chicago at 877-LAW-4312.


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