10 Things To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

March 16, 2013 by Barry Personal Injury 

10 Things To Do After A Slip And Fall Accident

Chicago slip and fall accidents occur regularly on public property, at small businesses and at big-box retailers. No matter where what to do when you slip and fallyour slip and fall accident occurs, there are certain steps you should take to protect your rights. When you or a loved one are injured in a Chicago slip and fall accident, here is a list of the top 10 things you should do to protect your rights:

  1. Report the fall/Call security immediately
  2. File a report with the Chicago police department
  3. Request that photographs are taken of the substance or object that you fell on
  4. Request that the substance or object that you fell on be preserved
  5. Take off and preserve the shoes you were wearing at the time ofthe accident
  6. Obtain the names of all witnesses to the accident
  7. Document in writing what happened, sign and date the document
  8. Obtain medical care immediately – tell your doctor what happened
  9. Contact a Chicago slip and fall lawyer as soon as possible
  10. Your lawyer will immediately send a letter to the store where the accident occurred and instruct them to preserve the store surveillance video

Our office with co-counsel just settled a slip and fall accident on behalf of a retired Illinoisan who tripped and fell on the sidewalk outside a restaurant. If you are searching for experienced counsel to represent you or your loved one in your Chicago slip and fall accident, contact a slip and fall attorney in Chicago at 312-848-9783 or 877-LAW-4312.


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