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A lot of people are reluctant to call an attorney after an accident because they think they cannot afford motorcycle personal injury lawyer Crystal Lake lllinois legal representation. Fortunately, this Crystal Lake motorcycle accident lawyer provides representation to accident victims that everyone can afford – No Recovery No Fee. And unlike some personal injury firms, we will take care of your property damage as part of our services.

How Much Do Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Charge?

A lot of people who call our office looking for a free consultation. It’s always surprising that they ask if the consultation is free. It is due to a misunderstanding about how motorcycle accident lawyers charges for their services.

Unlike business or divorce attorneys, personal injury attorneys do NOT bill on an hourly basis. So, you will not have to pay us the exorbitant prices you see some lawyers charging.

Rather, accident attorneys get paid on what is called a ‘contingency fee basis.’ What does a contingency fee mean? It means that we only get paid contingent upon you recovering for your injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering, among other things.

In addition, our firm and law firms we work with will front all the costs of the case in advance. It will cost you nothing to bring a case. We will be reimbursed only if there is a recovery in the case, at least in the vast majority of cases.

So, hiring an attorney can only benefit your case, not hurt it. And, as we’ve seen time and time again, victims represented by attorneys recover substantially more than if they represent themselves. That is because the game is rigged in the insurance company’s favor. And they will low ball you and make everything as difficult as possible to pay you as little as possible.

Insurance companies are a business and they’re out to make money. They are not in the business of paying fair compensation.

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When Should I File a Lawsuit After a Motorcycle Accident?

We get a lot of calls from accident victims who say: “I want to sue the insurance company and the guy who hit me.” Yes, filing a lawsuit after a motorcycle accident is a possibility. However, there will likely be a long period of time after the accident and when a lawsuit is filed.

The process just takes a long time. After you get hit, we have to take care of your property damage and you are treating for your injuries. Medical treatment can take months or years. After you’re done treating, we have to order your medical bills and that takes months to receive. Then a demand package is put in front of the insurance company and negotiation begins. If they low ball us, a lawsuit may have to be filed.

In many cases, it may be advantageous not to file suit. The reason being is that it is very expensive to file and litigate a lawsuit, especially if there are expert witnesses involved such as accident reconstruction experts and doctors etc. Ultimately, the amount you settle more sooner rather than later may be more than you actually recover eighteen months down the road. Not always, but this is especially true if there are limited insurance proceeds to go after.

When should you file a lawsuit right away?

If you are involved in an accident and you file a claim with an insurance company such as State Farm and they deny your claim, your options become limited. You can go to your own insurance company to get your property damage fixed (if you have the right coverage). And you can use your own medpay insurance on your motorcycle insurance policy and your own health insurance to pay for your medical bills. But what about your pain and suffering?

If they deny your claim, and you want to pursue the guy who caused your accident, your only option will be to file a lawsuit.

If you want the other guy to pay for your property damage (and you didn’t suffer any injuries), you can file a lawsuit on your own in small claims court. That’s what it’s there for. But if you suffered injuries you’re going to want to get an attorney to represent you.

And remember, if you have injuries you probably won’t file suit until you’re done treating and have obtained all your medical bills. Just be sure not to miss filing suit in advance of the Illinois statute of limitations.

Illinois Motorcycle Helmet Law

Of the 50 U.S. states, only 3 states don’t mandate helmet use by adults – Illinois is one of them.

Your Crystal Lake motorcycle attorney strongly recommends all riders and passengers wear helmets at all times due to the severe injuries we’ve seen but we 100 percent respect peoples’ decision about helmet use.

However, just know that we’ve handled countless cases involving injuries to riders’ faces, lips, ears, and heads as a result of motorcycle accidents where the riders did not wear helmets. That’s not to say your head won’t get hurt in an accident if you’re wearing a helmet.  A helmet won’t protect you from spinal injuries or road rash, but it does go a long way to protecting against brain injuries.

About Crystal Lake

Crystal Lake is a great community. We’ve spent a lot of time out there and we’ve represented bikers from the area many times. We’ve also spoken to motorcycle riding groups in the area about the need to have adequate limits of uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance.

People like Crystal Lake due to its trails, open areas and it also has great roads for riding – especially compared to riding in an urban area like Chicago.

There are a lot of motorcycle accident lawyers in Crystal Lake so it’s important to pick one that’s handled literally hundreds of motorcycle cases.  If you would like to speak with us for free, call 1-847-305-4105.

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