Do I have to pay for copays after an auto accident?

October 6, 2018 by Barry Zlotowicz Law Firms 

Do I have to pay for copays after an auto accident?

Clients often ask us whether they have to pay for copays after an auto accident. copays after an auto accidentThe short answer is – Yes. If you were injured in an accident and need to speak to an attorney, contact our office at 847-305-4105.

Use your health insurance to pay your medical bills after an auto accident

IMPORTANT – It is important that after an accident, you provide your health insurance information to all of your medical providers. This is the best way to get your medical bills paid after an accident.

Some health care providers may refuse to accept your health insurance if your injuries were caused by a third party. Why? It’s a matter of money. If you pay your medical providers out of the proceeds of your settlement after the accident, they will make more money then they will if they are paid by your health insurance company.

If you do use your health insurance, you will likely have copays which must be paid by you. The third party insurance carrier (insurance for the driver who hit you) will not pay for your medical bills (outside of no-fault states) until your case is settled.

What if I don’t pay my copays after an auto accident?

First and foremost, if you do not pay for your copays after an accident, they may go to collections. You may be thinking, it’s not fair. You were injured through no fault of your own and you get stuck paying your bills.

Unfortunately, that’s our system. Unless you’re in a “no fault state”, you are responsible for paying for your copays after an accident.

Best way to pay for your copays

Many of you may have a medpay clause in your auto insurance policy. In short, medpay normally comes in $2,500 increments and they will pay for your bills regardless of fault.

Be advised though that if you do use your medpay coverage, you will have to pay your auto insurance carrier back out of the proceeds of your settlement.

Will you be reimbursed for your copays?

Many clients send me copies of receipts for their copays. That’s fine for getting reimbursed from your medpay policy. But otherwise, we don’t really need these receipts.

Why? A copay is just a small part of a bigger bill. Meaning, a copay is a payment required by your health insurance policy every time you obtain treatment. That copay ($50.00 for example) is just a sliver of the larger medical bill.

When you settle your case, your attorney will seek reimbursement for the entire bill, not just your copay.

If you are wondering whether you have to pay for copays after an auto accident, contact our office at 847-305-4105 for a free consultation.


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