Recorded Statements Can Hurt Your Claim

July 1, 2014 by Barry Auto Accidents 

Recorded Statements Can Hurt Your Claim

Were you recently in a Highland Park Illinois car accident, and it wasn’t your fault?  An insurance adjuster from the other person’s insurance company may call to gather more information about the accident.  The adjuster will tell you they really want to help you, but would like your help first before compensating you.Recorded statements can hurt your claim

The insurance adjuster will request that you provide him/her a recorded statement to describe how the accident occurred.  You may think it is reasonable to provide a recorded statement because you didn’t do anything wrong. However, you should never give a recorded statement to anyone from any insurance company without first consulting with a Highland Park personal injury attorney.

As with any other company, an insurance company is out to generate revenue. As such, their goal is to pay out as little money as possible. To help cut down on the amount of claims being paid out, the insurance company will deny a claim based on any reason and/or attempt to diminish your claim to any extent possible. One of the primary ways the insurance company will deny your claim is to use your recorded statement against you.

The insurance adjuster will review your original recorded statement and compare it to any other statements you may have given and will give including your deposition and/or testimony at trial. They will use any inconsistencies in the statements against you. They are constantly searching for variances in the statements. Logically speaking, the more times you testify as to what happened, your story will change. Its human nature. You cannot give the same story repeatedly in exactly the same manner.  A good defense lawyer will capitalize on these inconsistencies and position you as either not remembering how the accident occurred or he/she will attempt to call into question your testimony.

These insurance adjusters are experienced! They know how to ask questions and word them in such a way that they may lead you into responses that could hurt your case.  You may not even realize what is happening until after the fact.

In short, you should never give a recorded statement to an insurance company representative without the assistance of a Highland Park personal injury attorney first.  No matter how persuasive and friendly the insurance adjuster is when speaking to you, always remember that they are representatives of the insurance company and have their best interests in mind, not yours.

While the majority of Highland Park car accidents we handle are a broadside collision or a rear-ender, if you have been injured in a Highland Park car accident, you should know that our office is equipped to assist you with recouping for your damages. Contact a Highland Park personal injury attorney at 847-305-4105 or 877-LAW-4312 today for a free consultation.


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