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Barry M. Zlotowicz, Esq is President of the Chicago Legal Group. To find answers to many common questions we are asked, check out below.

The Chicago Legal Group is a full-service personal injury law firm based in Glenview, Illinois. However, we have served and continue to serve accident victims throughout the state of Illinois.

We have handled hundreds of motor vehicle accident claims – a large number of them being motorcycle accidents and car accidents.

Barry is active in the local Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Chicago Bar Association, and Illinois State Bar Association.

In addition, Barry is extremely active in charitable work and sits on the Board of Directors of the Justice Renewal Initiative, an organization that helps inmates transition out of the criminal justice system and is a former board member of Maot Chitim and mentor at North Lawndale College Prep.

For a free consultation, call us today at 847-305-4105.

What We Do

Barry M. Zlotowicz is a Chicago personal injury lawyer.

Where do we practice?

a. We have represented clients throughout the state of Illinois. We also have a network of attorneys throughout Illinois who practice criminal law, DUI, bankruptcy, estate planning and divorce law, among others. Some cities in Illinois where we have represented auto accident clients are Arlington HeightsSkokie, Rosemont, Park Ridge, Des Plaines, Prospect Heights, Mount Prospect, Northbrook, Wheeling, Palatine, and Morton Grove.

Attorney’s fees

Personal injury lawyer fees vary depending on the type of case you have. Personal injury cases are brought on a contingency basis, meaning, most fees and costs are collected after settlement.

Contact Us

If you need to speak with an attorney about your Chicago personal injury matter, contact the Chicago Legal Group by telephone at 877-LAW-4-312 or in Chicago at 847-305-4105

Do you need to hire a lawyer?

Every case is different. As such, it is difficult to provide you advice whether you need to retain an attorney. For most areas of law, talking to an attorney costs nothing. To determine whether you need to retain an attorney, contact our office to talk to one of our lawyers.

Do you have a case?

There is no way we can tell if you have a case until we talk to you personally or alternatively, you may be inclined to write down in a memo the chain of events of your case.

Can you guarantee we will win?

Lawyers cannot guarantee results. We do have many years of experience handling Chicago personal injury cases. As such, we may be able to make an estimate as to the value of your case or the potential outcome. However, that is only an estimate and is not binding, nor guaranteed.

Will you have to go to court?

Most lawsuits settle regardless what area of law they are. We will make every effort to settle your case prior to engaging in formal litigation. That saves you time, stress and in most cases, money. If your case requires us to file a lawsuit on your behalf, we will reevaluate your case strategy at that time and provide you our best advice regarding the viability of your case.

What to bring to your first meeting with your lawyer?

  • Information about your insurance company, including your policy number, premium information, and so forth.
  • Any insurance information you obtained from the party that injured you, including their insurance company name, policy number, premium limits and more
  • If there is property damage to your vehicle, bring any estimates you’ve obtained to repair you car and any photographs you have of the damage to any car or property involved in the accident
  • Names, phone numbers, addresses and/or statements of any witnesses to the accident
  • The police report from the accident
  • Memorialize the events – create a timeline that lists the date of the accident, how the accident occurred and all significant events since the accident including conversations with an insurance company, the police, and/or your doctors. Address this document to the Chicago Legal Group.
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