Find the right attorney

December 9, 2010 by Barry Auto Accidents 

Find the right attorney

Let’s set the record straight, most lawyers are honest, hard working, ethical members of the bar. Most participate in their community and/or sit on boards of directors of charities or on local school boards. Most are mothers or fathers and all have parents and/or other loved ones. And for certain, all have been themselves, have a loved one or know someone personally who has been in a car accident in Glenview, been divorced, got caught for DUI, needed an estate plan or required some other legal services. In short, most lawyers are just like you. Find the right attorney

It is likely that one day during the course of your life you are going to meet a lawyer and may even require his or her services. If this occurs, DO NOT PANIC! Rest assured that there are countless numbers of qualified lawyers ready to help you. In fact, there are so many lawyers that the trick is not finding a lawyer, its finding the right lawyer.

So the question is, which lawyer do I hire and why?

The usual method for hiring an attorney in Glenview is to get a referral from a family friend. That is an acceptable first step toward hiring an attorney however it should not be your final step. Another method for finding an attorney is to ask your existing attorney whether he practices in the area you are looking for. However, in most cases he or she will not be qualified. So for example, your current lawyer wrote a will for you and now you want him to represent your son in a criminal matter. Chances are he is NOT qualified to handle your case. Further, chances are he does not have a direct relationship with a criminal attorney he can refer you to. Lastly, you may still be one of the few people who try to find a lawyer in the print Yellow Pages.

In today’s modern world, the most efficient, the most full-proof way of finding a lawyer, is by using the internet. Nowhere but the web can you not only find an attorney with a click of your mouse, but you can read all about the areas in which the attorney practices, you can find information about the attorney’s personal life and you may even be able to find reviews about the attorney’s work. Even if you are referred to an attorney by a friend or relative, it is still essential today to look him or her up online to see what he or she does. Don’t waste any more of your time – go to the source – the internet.

Once you do find an attorney via referral and/or by the internet, your next step will be to analyze whether the lawyer does what you are searching for. Nothing is more frustrating than finally getting a hold of a lawyer only to find out that he doesn’t do what you need. That’s where the website comes in. Speaking from personal experience, if I can’t find a lawyer on the internet, I would not use him or her. A website authenticates that the lawyer you are using lives in the 21st century. If he doesn’t have a website, I have to wonder whether he uses a cell phone, has an iPod or even cable TV. A website is an integral part of a lawyer’s business – don’t hire one without it!

So you review the lawyer’s website and you learn that she is a Chicago divorce lawyer. Don’t end your search there. Read a little deeper – try to determine if this lawyer’s specific experience matches what you are searching for. If it does, great, contact the lawyer and set up an interview, if it does not, keep looking. And so forth.


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