Are Auto Accident Attorneys out of Business? A Look into the Future.

While planning for the future of my law practice, I’m contemplating Auto Accident Attorneyswhether auto accident attorneys are out of business in the future. In a nutshell, I think we might be – at least the cases we’ve worked on to this point.

Artificial Intelligence

There is so much hype about A.I. these days and I don’t want to get in the weeds in an analysis of it. However, it’s worth mentioning all the various aspects of the upcoming “transportation revolution” that we are currently undergoing and its effect on auto accident cases.

The future?

It is in self-driving cars. Maybe not in five or seven years, but ten and fifteen years from now, we will not be driving our own cars. Don’t let the Uber self-driving car fatality in Arizona fool you into thinking that this is not happening. It’s just a matter of time.

The reality is that technology is already significantly impacting transportation safety. For example, federal regulation requires that all new cars come with rear view cameras. This could dramatically reduce the number of back-over crashes that are so common in parking lots. Eliminating or reducing back-over crashes will also greatly impact the safety of children.

Other features now come standard in most new cars including extensive sensor systems that warn when a car is in front, back or to the side of you.

In the future, vehicle to vehicle communication will enable my car to talk to your car and advise each other of the other’s behavior so as to avoid a collision.

Other Areas

A.I. and automation will affect auto accident attorneys in other ways as well. Auto insurance will be different in the future as well. Do you remember going to the airport and buying life insurance before you boarded the plane?

Companies like Allstate owned Arity are already working on auto insurance products for people who will not own cars but rather use ridesharing entirely to get around. You will be able to buy insurance for a single ride, or only when you ride in a certain type of vehicle.

Auto accident claims processing will also be impacted. Insurance companies have already automated the claims process and use technology/software to evaluate auto accident claims. Computers are thus evaluating and making determinations as to the value of auto accident attorney clients’ injuries. Who knows how far A.I. will take the claims process but you can be assured insurers will use technology to reduce payouts and increase profits.

How we document the occurrence of accidents is also evolving as a result of technology. I have represented several clients in the past few years who were wearing GoPro cameras on their motorcycle helmets or positioned on their dashboard. Videotape of the facts of an accident can greatly assist in determining fault for the accident.

Finally, insurance companies like Progressive Insurance have developed apps that monitor your driving habits and reward you for safe-driving.

In short, the entire transportation claims and litigation process is changing. The number of accidents, severe injuries and fatalities will drop significantly in the future. And as such, the number of cases for auto accident attorneys to pursue will also diminish. This will drive many out of the personal injury realm entirely.

Guess I should start planning for a second career. If you would like to discuss this or any other legal related topic, feel free to reach out to me at 847-305-4105.

How Much Money Will You Net From a Personal Injury Settlement?

Clients are often surprised at the conclusion of their case regarding how How much money will you net from your personal injury settlementmuch money they will net from their personal injury settlement. In this blog post you will learn how a personal injury settlement actually works and how much you can expect to walk away with. If you have any questions about this topic, please feel free to contact attorney Barry Zlotowicz at 847-305-4105.

Pieces of a personal injury settlement

When the insurance company makes you an offer to compensate you, all aspects of your case are (usually) encompassed in that offer (aside from property damage). Meaning that if you were offered $100,000 by Geico or State Farm to settle your case, that money is intended to compensate you for everything, including:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Health insurance lien
  • Medpay lien
  • Anything else

In addition, if you retained an attorney, the law firm’s attorneys’ fees and costs will come out of the $100,000 as well. Consequently, accident victims can be surprised as to what they will net at the end of their case.

So, how might your case look upon completion? If you look below, you will see the breakdown of a personal injury settlement I resolved and how a “settlement statement” (accounting of the costs of your case) might look:


Client: John Smith

State Farm Insurance Claim No.: 123456789

Date of Accident: June 1, 2010

Attorney Fees (33.3%) $33,333.33
File Expenses $645.00
Federal Express $25.00
ATI Physical Therapy $1,250.00*
Illinois Bone & Joint $7,400.00**
Open MRI $1,500.00
Geico Insurance Medpay lien $1,333.33
Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance $7,000.00

*Amount negotiated by Chicago Legal Group down from $2,500.00

**Amount negotiated by Chicago Legal Group down from $9,900.00


As you can see, after you take out medical bills, liens, the health insurance lien and attorneys’ fees, the client’s net recovery is significantly less than the actual gross settlement amount.

Often the net amount is significantly less than what is showed here. In the above example, the victim’s medical bills were extremely small. Often the bills are much higher and as such, subtract much more from the potential settlement amount.

Also, there are many other expenses that could be deducted/owed out of the settlement proceeds including child support liens, money paid from a disability insurance policy, and more.

Bottom line is that trying to tie up the loose ends of a personal injury settlement can be confusing. Many people want to handle claims like these on their own or “pro se.” That is an option. But to be assured that all ends are tied, I strongly consider speaking to an attorney at 847-305-4105.

Glenview Attorney Reviews the Illinois Dram Shop Act

Drinking too many alcoholic beverages at a bar or restaurant can lead to Glenview Attorneyalcohol-related injuries, accidents or worse. As a Glenview attorney, I want to provide you a brief overview on the dram shop liability law in Illinois.

If you or a loved one has suffered an alcohol-related injury, contact me today at 847-305-4105 for a free consultation or read below to learn more about what you can do to recover.

Dram Shop Laws in General

Dram shop laws are a body of laws that provide a legal cause of action against the owner of a tavern, pub, restaurant or other establishment that provided alcohol to someone who caused an injury or damages.

This does not necessarily apply to social hosts who provided alcohol to guests at a social function. Check the laws of your state to determine whether social hosts are on the hook as well.

Illinois Dram Shop Law

The Illinois dram shop law ensures that those who sell or dispense alcoholic beverages to obviously intoxicated individuals or minors are held responsible for any damages or injuries that those individuals cause. This can include motor vehicle accidents, physical altercations, harassment, slip and falls, property damage, and more.

Statute of limitations

Per Illinois statute, there is a one-year time limit in which to file a lawsuit under the Dram Shop Act.

Important: Note that the one-year time limit is significantly shorter than the amount of time in which you have to file a lawsuit for your injuries against the defendant. If you suspect that a pub or other establishment may be at fault for your injuries, do not delay. Contact a Glenview attorney immediately at 847-305-4105.

Elements of the cause of action

To establish a cause of action under the Illinois Dram Shop Act, a plaintiff must prove the following:

  • The alcohol was sold or dispensed by the defendant
  • The defendant could foresee that this alcohol would cause the plaintiff or perpetrator to become intoxicated
  • There are damages (medical, property, emotional, etc.)
  • These damages were caused by the patron’s or the plaintiff’s intoxication


Illinois’ stricter laws mean that anyone who sold or gave the patron alcohol throughout the evening leading up to the incident can be held comparatively negligent.

Bars, restaurants, and vendors often use the following defenses:

  • Extraterritoriality: the alcohol was consumed outside of the state of Illinois
  • Provocation: the injuries suffered by the plaintiff are due to a provocation on their part
  • Complicity: that the plaintiff is one of the people actively contributing to the intoxication of the patron or themselves


The amount a victim can recover under the Illinois Dram Shop Act is limited. The amount changes every year. In 2018, the dram shop liability limits for alcohol-related injuries are:

  • For causes of action involving persons injured, killed, or incurring property damage on or after January 20, 2018, the judgment or recovery cannot exceed $68,777.44
  • For causes of action for loss of means of support or loss of society resulting from the death or injury of any person on or after January 20, 2018, the judgment or recovery cannot exceed $84,061.32

Note that this money is on top of the money you can recover from the defendant who caused your accident.

For a free evaluation of the viability of your Illinois Dram Shop Act case, contact our office today at 847-305-4105 for a free consultation.

Mcdonald’s Food Poisoning Victim Hires Chicago Legal Group

A Chicagoland resident who was sickened in the McDonald’s food poisoning

McDonald's food poisoning
McDonald’s food poisoning

a case involving Del Monte products retained the Chicago Legal Group to represent him/her for injuries suffered. If you were injured through contracting Cyclospora after eating a McDonald’s salad, contact our office now for a free consultation at 847-305-4105.

Cyclospora outbreak

According to the Center for Disease Control, at least 436 citizens have been sickened with Cyclosporiasis. The outbreak has spread to fifteen states though Illinois was not hard hit even though the food distribution center was located in Illinois and McDonald’s is headquartered here.

While people have suffered severe ailments as a result of the outbreak, fortunately, so far there have been zero fatalities reported to infection. According to the CDC, the most common symptoms of Cyclosporiasis include:

  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea
  • Fatigue
  • Gas
  • Bloating
  • Cramping
  • Weight loss
  • And more

According to the Mayo Clinic, Cyclospora may also result in severe dehydration. This is common for many gastrointestinal diseases. If you do become severely dehydrated, you may experience: decreased urine disposal, reduction in your tear output, dry mouth and/or sunken eyes.

If you suffer from any of these symptoms after eating a McDonald’s salad, contact your physician immediately.

Medical Treatment

Cyclospora is an infection that is usually caused by eating infected food or water. The most common way to diagnose whether someone is infected with Cyclosporiasis is to a stool test and evaluate the results in a laboratory.

Once diagnosed, Cyclospora will normally be remedied by taking an antibiotic prescribed by your physician.

However, physicians often may be fooled by the symptoms. Nausea, diarrhea, gas and bloating are common symptoms of other ailments. As such, if you did eat at a McDonald’s, be sure to tell your physician about it so that the appropriate tests can be administered.

Current state of the outbreak

According to the Food Poison Journal (yes, there is such a thing), Del Monte Fresh Produce has recalled all the potentially affected vegetable trays. As such, hopefully, the worst of this outbreak is behind us.


You may have been the victim of the McDonald’s food poisoning but are confused as to how you can prove it. The client we recently signed up actually kept the receipt from his/her visit to McDonald’s. However, that is rare.

If you did suffer these symptoms, check your credit or debit card statements to see if your transaction at McDonald’s is present.

Was there anyone with you when you ate at McDonald’s? And who were the witnesses to your illness?

Also, if you went to the emergency room or visited your physician, take a look at your medical records. Did you tell them you ate at a McDonald’s in close proximity to the onset of symptoms? Did your physician prescribe a stool test and what were the results? Did they reveal that you had Cyclospora in your stool?

These are all various ways that you can demonstrate that your illness was related to the McDonald’s outbreak.

If you want to speak with a Cyclospora attorney about the McDonald’s food poisoning outbreak, contact our office today at 847-305-4105 or email us.

Can I Record Someone After an Auto Accident – IL Eavesdropping Law

In the past several years, I’ve received calls from a few people who asked if Eavesdropping Law Illinoisthey can record someone after an auto accident. Illinois is a “two party state.” Meaning, both parties to a private conversation need to consent to an audio or visual recording. If you don’t obtain permission, you’ve violated the statute. Call our office at 847-305-4105  or email us for a free consultation on this topic.

The Statute

The Illinois eavesdropping statute states in part:

  • A person commits eavesdropping when he or she knowingly and intentionally:

(2) Uses an eavesdropping device, in a surreptitious manner, for the purpose of transmitting or recording . . . private conversation to which he or she is a party unless he or she does so with the consent of all other parties to the conversation. (720 ILCS 5/14-2) (from Ch. 38, par. 14-2)

The Situation

After an auto accident, one of the parties might be inclined to take an audio or visual recording of their conversation with the opposite party. Why would someone do this? Most people do it to try and record the other party admitting fault and/or to catch them lying.

If you take an audio or visual recording of the other party during a private conversation in a “surreptitious” manner (for example, hiding your cell phone in your pocket and recording your conversation with the other driver), you have committed a crime. Note that this does not apply to the recording of peace officers. That is an exception to the statute.

The recording you obtained will not be admissible and as such, all you will have accomplished is the commission of a crime.

If the conversation you were in was not “private”, meaning there were other people around and/or you were in a public place where it could be easily overheard, you may not have violated the statute.

Alternatives to recordings

Instead of trying to record someone after an auto accident, I suggest you immediately document anything the other person says in writing. The other party might apologize after the accident. If you were to document that he/she apologized while at the scene, that documentation/evidence might be admissible later.

Audio/Visual Recordings in General

This issue has arisen as a hot button issue lately with the revelation that President Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen recorded his conversations with the President regarding paying hush money to various women to cover up past infidelities.

Many people have asked whether what Cohen did is a crime. These recordings took place in New York. NY is a one party-consent state which means that only one party has to consent to the recording.

As such, Cohen may not have violated NY law. However, as an attorney he owed a duty to his client to protect attorney client communications. Recording a conversation with a client could be a breach of that duty. So, if nothing else, I would think Cohen will have issues with the state bar of NY.

Bottom line is that you should not record someone after an auto accident unless you provide them notice that you are recording them. If you are involved in a situation involving the recording of someone in Illinois, call our office for a free consultation at 847-305-4105.

When bite by a dog in Glenview, resident called attorney Barry Zlotowicz for help

When he was bit by a dog in Glenview, a resident called attorney Barry Zlotowicz for help. If you were bit by a dog, feel free to contact our office for Glenview Dog Bite Attorneysa free consultation at 847-305-4105.

Not only did our office sign up this Glenview resident but we were retained by another family in Kane County, Illinois to represent their child who was also bitten. These 2 cases which were both signed up in the past 45 days, are examples of the types of cases our office handles.


The most significant factor when dealing with a dog bite cases is – does the dog owner have insurance? These two cases differ significantly with regard to insurance. One of the incidents took place on a public street when an unleashed dog bit my client in four different spots on his body.

The dog owner owned his home and as such, had homeowner’s insurance. Most homeowner’s policies I have seen start at $250,000. Conversely, in the other case, the dog owner was a renter. Often renters do not have a renter’s policy. If they don’t, in most cases, the case will end there. If there is no insurance, the case is in most situations not viable.

Can you sue the dog owner individually? Yes, you always sue the dog owner individually. But if he or she does not have insurance they likely do not have the assets to adequately compensate you for your damages either.

In this situation however, the dog owner did have a renter’s policy. Renters’ policies however can be very small. Often, they provide coverage of $10,000 or less. As such, in that situation, the recovery will often be limited.

Strict Liability

In the state of Illinois, if a dog or other animal attacks or injures someone, the dog owner is on the hook for the damages. This is determined by statute in the state of Illinois and as stated in another blog article, is different from other states that follow a one-bite rule for animal related injuries.

Severity of the dog bite

Obviously, if you were bit by a dog in Glenview or anywhere else in Illinois, the value of your case is dependent on the severity of the damages. The dog bite itself is evidence of the injury but the most significant aspect of the case is the scar that results due to the bite.

Permanent deformity such as scarring is highly compensable. However, scarring doesn’t reveal itself for a long time. As such, if you do suffer a dog bite, it is wise not to settle your case for at least 6 to 12 months to see how the scar develops.

It goes without saying that the most significant evidence you can provide the insurance company are photos of the bite and resultant scarring.

What should you do?

If you are bit by a dog in Glenview or anywhere in the state of Illinois, contact Glenview dog bite attorney Barry Zlotowicz at 847-305-4105 for a free consultation. Even if you don’t retain the services of an attorney, it is a good idea to at least talk to a lawyer to better understand the process of dealing with an insurance company in a dog bite case.

The insurance company won’t respond to your demand letter – File a lawsuit in Cook County

What happens if the insurance company won’t respond to your demand letter? If you tried to represent yourself (called “pro se” representation), and the insurance company won’t respond to your demand letter or to your efforts to contact them, call our office for a free consultation at 847-305-4105. We can help you file a lawsuit in Cook County or elsewhere in Illinois.

The Situation

You are involved in an auto accident in Glenview, Cook County or anywhere in the state of Illinois. You file a claim with the defendant’s auto insurance company. Normally, they are relatively quick to respond. Though the insurance company may not be prepared to compensate you for your property and other damages until they see the police report and/or investigate the accident.

But let’s assume for our purposes that your car is repaired, you’ve obtained and completed your medical treatment and you are prepared to demand compensation from the insurance company for your medical bills, pain and suffering and lost wages, among other things. What comes next? Normally, you will submit a demand letter to the insurance company.

The form of demand letters vary. They can range from 13 page long letters to a short and very brief demand to be compensated. However, they should be in writing. In addition, when you submit the letter, make sure you attach copies of your medical bills and records and confirmation of the amount of your lost wages.

Normally, after submission I will give the insurance company 30 days in which to respond to the demand letter (assuming you have time to do so based on the statute of limitations). But what happens if the insurance company won’t respond to your demand letter?

Does the insurance company have to respond to your demand letter?

Generally speaking, the answer is no. The insurance company does not have to respond to your demand letter. This doesn’t often happen with Allstate or State Farm and any other “decent” insurance (the irony of the word “decent” is not lost on me). However, these major insurance companies have the workforce and processes in place to ensure you are responded to.

The situation I’m referring to often arises when you’re dealing with a sub par insurance companies – and there are quite a few of them in Chicago. They are local companies that only write minimum ($25,000) insurance policies.

Why do they act the way they do? That’s a conversation for another blog. The bottom line is, they will do everything they can to make your experience with them miserable and that includes ignoring you.

What are your options?

In most cases, your only option is to file a lawsuit. This week my office filed a lawsuit in Cook County on an auto accident case. We submitted our demand over six weeks ago and the insurance company never responded to it or to our subsequent inquiries. As such, we were left no choice but to file a lawsuit.

Where do you file suit? The accident I referenced occurred in the northern suburbs of Cook County. As such, we were able to file a lawsuit in Cook County at the second district Skokie Courthouse on Old Orchard Road by Old Orchard Mall. Where you file suit will depend on in what county your accident took place.

Which court you should file a lawsuit in is also determined by how much your damages were. The vast majority of auto accidents result in minor damage and injuries. If you want to represent yourself and your damages were less than $10,000 you can file suit in small claims court. The filing fee is modest and the process for pursing the claim is much easier.  If your damages are over $10,000, I suggest talking to a personal injury lawyer before taking any action.

Electronic Filing

As of July 1, 2018, if you file a lawsuit in Cook County or most of the other counties in the state of Illinois, beware that the courts have gone to e-filing. You no longer can go to the courthouse and file your lawsuit with the clerk.

The e-filing process in Cook County at least has been difficult for many attorneys since it begun on July 1, 2018. As such, be prepared for some issues getting set up to file online. And if you have a statute of limitations issues, do not delay. Contact the court and/or an attorney immediately in order to protect your rights

Bad faith

Finally, you may have heard the phrase “bad faith.” This is a situation when an insurance company engages in vexatious conduct by failing to pay you for your damages. It’s a complicated claim and will not be discussed here. In my many years of practicing, I have threatened it only a few times. It often spurs an insurance company to act but not (for me at least) to increase their offer. In short, it’s not regularly used in auto accidents cases except in extreme situations.

If you seek to file a lawsuit in Cook County because the insurance company won’t respond to your demand letter, contact our office at 847-305-4105 for a free consultation.

Single Vehicle Accident Attorney in Glenview IL – Chicago Legal Group

If you were involved in a single vehicle accident, you may think that you are Single Vehicle Accident Attorneyautomatically at fault for the accident and thus your auto insurance rates are going to go up. You may be right. But not always. Contact Barry Zlotowicz, an attorney in Glenview, IL for a free consultation at 847-305-4105.

According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2016, the most recent year records are available, there were 1,082 auto accident-related fatalities in the state of Illinois. Of those fatalities, 588 of them were the result of a single vehicle accident.

In other words, over one half of all people who died in auto accident fatalities in 2016 died without colliding with another vehicle.

Causes of single vehicle accidents

The primary causes of single vehicle accidents are exactly what you’d expect. They include:

  • Driving under the influence
  • Texting/talking on a mobile phone
  • Falling asleep at the wheel
  • High rate of speed (especially around corners)
  • Hitting an animal (such as a deer)

However, there are other reasons as well. I’m an attorney in Glenview, IL. I don’t get too many deer calls out here. But I have had a few. Several of the calls I’ve received are from people who were involved in solo vehicle accidents but the accident was not there fault.

Single vehicle accidents that aren’t your fault

For example, what if you are driving your car and your vehicle blows a tire and you crash? Or perhaps another part of your vehicle malfunctions, like your transmission. In this case, the single vehicle accident might not be your fault.

However, the burden is on you to prove that you were not at fault for the accident and that the product or auto maker was. In this situation, keeping control of your vehicle and preventing any modification or repairs from taking place prior to inspection by an expert is critical.

What if you were driving down the Edens and suddenly a car swerves into your lane causing you to swerve to avoid it. You lose control of your vehicle and crash. The accident was not your fault was it? It might have been. Cars swerve at other cars all the time and accidents do not always result.

In this case, it is important to locate witnesses who observed the other vehicle cause the accident. Regardless, this one is an uphill climb.

Perhaps your accident was caused by bad road conditions like gravel in the roadway. I spoke about this in my blog article on recovering for injuries suffered while a passenger in a vehicle. Generally speaking, arguing that the road caused the accident won’t work. Lots of people hit gravel or potholes and don’t crash. And others are able to avoid them altogether. For clarification as to whether this applies to your fact pattern, consult with your insurance agent.

For a free consultation with an attorney in Glenview, IL, call me today at 847-305-4105. I may not be able to help you avoid responsibility for a single vehicle accident, but I am happy to confer with you about how you should deal with your auto insurance company.

Glenview Auto Accident – What do you do if you get sued?

Glenview Auto AccidentIf you are involved in a Glenview auto accident, you may have been the driver who caused the accident rather than the victim. What do you do if you get sued? Check out this blog article on what to do if you cause an auto accident. And call for a free consultation if you have any questions at 847-305-4105.

There have been a couple really bad Glenview auto accident cases in the past 60 days. In one accident, a Glenview teenager named Jun Yang was involved in a solo vehicle accident. He had a passenger in the car who was also injured. Yang was 16 years old. I am the father of three teenage daughters, one of whom drives and a second who is about to start driver’s ed. So, this story really impacted me.

Then at the end of June 2018, a construction worker was hit by a truck that was backing up near Chicago Tribune, the worker suffered serious injuries and was taken to the emergency room at Lutheran General Hospital.

If you are injured in a Glenview auto accident through no fault of your own, there are numerous resources on this website where you can find information on how to proceed. I will shamelessly suggest you should talk to a Glenview lawyer about your case.

But what do you do if you caused the auto accident? In that case, you are the “defendant.” This is the situation we all dread because if you did, in fact, cause the accident:

  • Your car was likely also damaged
  • You have to pay your deductible to get your car fixed
  • You will have to spend a lot of time dealing with the aftermath of the accident, and of course
  • You cannot recover for your “pain and suffering”
  • Your auto insurance rates will likely go up

What are your defenses to have caused the accident?

Your primary defense to having caused a Glenview auto accident (aside from pleading innocence) is to argue that the other driver was comparatively negligent. In the state of Illinois, a driver can recover for their damages if they are not more than 50% responsible for the accident.

If you can prove that the other driver was even slightly drunk, or texting while driving, or otherwise distracted and that they, therefore, were partially at fault for the accident, you can diminish the amount of your responsibility for the accident.

What should you do?

Bottom line is, if you hit someone, call your insurance company immediately. That is why you have auto insurance. You’ve paid premiums for years just in case this situation arises. Let your insurance company and the insurance adjuster do their job. Believe me, they will look for every mechanism possible to deny or reduce your liability.

What if you don’t have auto insurance?

First, if you don’t have auto insurance, you can and likely will be cited by the police officer and will be required to appear in court.

You will be personally “liable” or responsible for the damages you caused. And you may very well get sued. Chances are if you cannot afford auto insurance you can’t afford to hire an attorney to defend you. In this case, you have to hope that the person you hit has adequate limits of uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage and collision coverage to get their vehicle fixed.

Regardless, you will likely get a letter from the insurance company which will seek to “subrogate” or obtains reimbursement for the money they paid to their insured.

The bottom line is that before you get in a Glenview auto accident, make sure you have adequate limits of auto insurance. If you want a free consultation on how to best protect yourself, feel free to contact me at 847-305-4105.

Glenview Attorney – highlights of Glenview Summerfest

My name is Barry Zlotowicz and I am a Glenview attorney. On June 30, 2018, I participated as a “vendor” at the Glenview Summerfest which took place Glenview Lawyerin downtown Glenview, Illinois. I wanted to reflect on the experience and say thank you to a few people.

Briefly, I have lived in Glenview since 2001 just before my first daughter was born. My other 2 daughters were born and raised here as well. We have loved our schools, the Park District, the Glenview Dance and Music Academy and a wide variety of other Glenview institutions for the past 17 years. My office is in Glenview and I’m a member of the Glenview Chamber of Commerce.

Glenview is a sleepy kind of community with just over 40,000 residents. We Glenview Lawyerhave some nice restaurants but night life is not booming so to speak.  But we have a good mix of old and young, enough Starbucks for me never to go without and a growing and vibrant business community.

My favorite places to go in Glenview include The Glen (where former President George H.W. Bush trained), Abt Electronics and the Grove. We also have Kohl’s Children’s museum which my kids loved when they were young and we’ve been to countless times.

Glenview has 2 Metra train stations with easy access to downtown Chicago in 35 minutes. It also has good bus service. My administrative assistant takes a bus from Evanston and gets dropped off right in front of my office.

Glenview Attorney

My goal as a Glenview attorney is to serve the village of Glenview andGlenview Attorney surrounding areas. If you look at my website, you’ll find articles and references to several cities including Northbrook, Niles and Mount Prospect among others.

There are not a lot of lawyers in the village of Glenview. On the Glenview Chamber website, there are only 8 firms/members who are lawyers actually based in Glenview. As such, I’m interested in being a resource for Glenview residents on a variety of legal topics.

My primary practice is in personal injury but as a Glenview attorney I have found that the vast majority of calls to my office are for other practice areas including estate planning, criminal law/traffic tickets and employment law. Fortunately, I have a network of attorneys I work with daily who practice in a wide variety of practice areas and as such, I am a good referral source for Glenview residents who need a referral to another attorney.

Glenview Summerfest

Last weekend with the Glenview Summerfest which was organized by the Glenview Chamber. I purchased a booth at the event and set up shop. You can see from the photos that it was a great event despite the heat which was almost unbearable. I heard it got to 103 on the heat index and it felt like it.

As part of my efforts to encourage pride in our village, I gave

Glenview Summerfestout stickers that say “GLV” on them – for Glenview of course. There’s not much else a Glenview attorney can hand out that wouldn’t bore people.

A special thank you to our Glenview Police Department and Glenview Fire and EMS as well. When I say I overheated I’m not kidding. I needed some help and the GPD and GFD provided great assistance.

I enjoy being a Glenview attorney and want to offer the best service I can to our residents. If you have any legal issues, please feel free to use me as a resource. Call me today at 847-305-4105.