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June 3, 2018 by Barry Zlotowicz Law Firms  Personal Injury Lawyer 

Niles Personal Injury Lawyer

Why chiropractors are important to personal injury cases

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you why chiropractors are important to personal injury cases. A lot of lawyers might disagree with me. Personal Injury Attorney Niles, ILSome orthopedists might as well. However, in my experience as a Niles personal injury attorney, chiropractors have played an important role in the recovery of many of my clients. Call today at 847-305-4105 to learn why or continue reading.

Our office is located in Glenview, Illinois, right next door to the village of Niles, Illinois. While a quiet community, Niles is multi-ethnic, has a public library with great content and is home to the Golf-Mil shopping center. There have also been significant auto accidents in Niles including a recent pedestrian fatality. Niles is also home to at least one excellent chiropractor that I have worked with.

Why chiropractors are important to personal injury cases

By far the majority of auto accident victims suffer “soft tissue” injuries such as back or neck sprains or strains. In fact, the ratio is probably 20 to 1 of calls I receive from people who suffered sprains/strains in an accident compared to those who suffered a fracture or other injury.

By the way, I use the phrase “soft-tissue” loosely. This phrase is used by insurance companies to diminish the significance of your injuries. I don’t agree with that as soft tissue injuries could include torn ligaments and even a heart attack. And soft tissue injuries can be very painful and persist for an extended period. Still, that’s the language the insurance industry uses and as such, so will we.

The challenge with soft tissue injuries is that it’s very difficult to get an auto insurance company to compensate victims with soft tissue injuries. If you’ve represented yourself against an insurance company, you learned the hard way that they will offer to pay for your medical bills and offer you an extra $500 or $1,000 to compensate you for your pain and suffering. As a Niles personal injury attorney, I’ve seen it countless times.

Most important recommendation

The traditional treatment utilized by most victims of soft tissue injuries is to see a chiropractor or to obtain physical therapy.

If you do see a chiropractor, the most important thing you can do from a personal injury case perspective is seeing your primary care physician or orthopedist BEFORE or shortly after you see the chiropractor.

Why? The insurance company wants it that way. The reality is that the insurance company sets the rules and we have to play the game. And they want to see that you obtained traditional medical care and were referred to a chiropractor before you went.

This raises another issue. It’s getting harder and harder to get medical care and it’s extremely expensive. Depending on your health insurance and/or the schedule of your primary care physician, it may take a while to get into to see your doctor. This is particularly true for people who have Illinois Medicaid.

This risk of delay is that it may result in a “gap in treatment.” Gaps are something that are capitalized on by auto insurance companies to diminish an accident victim’s recovery.

So, what do you do? I always tell my clients, “focus on your health, not your case.” As such, if you can quickly get into a chiropractor then do it. Just make sure you document your efforts to get into your PCP and get that appointment scheduled.

Ways to pay for chiropractic treatment

From a Niles personal injury attorney perspective, one of the main advantages of using a chiropractor is the many ways you can pay for chiropractic treatment.

First and foremost, there is a common misperception that the insurance company for the driver that injured you will pay for your medical treatment as you obtain it. That is not how it works. You are responsible to get those medical bills paid. It’s an unfair system. You were the innocent victim. But if you submit your bills to the defendant’s auto insurance, those bills will just sit in a folder and risk being sent to collections. You will not be reimbursed for your medical bills until your case is resolved.

There are several ways to pay for a chiropractor after an auto accident. You can pay cash, or you can try to submit the bills to your health insurance company for payment.

However, the two best ways to pay for your chiropractor are to use your medpay (medical payments) insurance or obtain treatment on “lien”.


I have spoken about medpay many times on this site. In short, medpay is found in your own auto insurance policy. People often have $2,500 or $5,000 in medpay. It’s not automatically included in a policy. You have to ask for it.

If you do have it, then your chiropractor can send your chiropractic bills directly to your insurance company for payment. There’s no deductible and no co-pays associated with medpay.


The most common scenario I see as a Niles personal injury attorney is that chiropractors provide their services on lien. Meaning, the chiropractor agrees to treat the patient and the patient signs a lien that promises that they will pay the chiropractor back for his/her treatment when their case is resolved.

There are a lot of great chiropractors in the Chicago area. I’ve used them myself and found great relief from chiropractic treatment. If you’ve suffered whiplash or other neck/back pain as a result of a personal injury accident, consider seeing a chiropractor.

If you require a referral to a chiropractor, feel free to contact our office at 847-305-4105.


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