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There are, of course, many types of traffic accidents and our office has handled them all. We have handled hundreds of motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, trucking accidents, auto accidents, accidents involving passengers on a bus, pedestrians who have been hit by a car, drivers of and passengers in Uber/rideshare vehicles, and taxi accidents.

Each type of case carries its own nuances and requires specialized care and experience. For example:

  • Motorcycle and bicycle cases often involve different issues when it comes to property damage than an automobile case. Also, motorcycle and bicycle accident victims often suffer concussions and road rash (lacerations and abrasions) as part of their injuries.
  • Uber and rideshare accidents may or may not be covered by insurance and vary as to how much insurance there is, depending on when the accident occurred.
  • Truck and taxi accidents can involve much larger insurance policies than a normal auto on auto collision, and so forth.

The three biggest mistakes I see Chicago traffic accident victims make are:

  1. They attempt to represent themselves against an insurance company – the insurance company always wins. If you don’t hire my office, hire another attorney. In almost every case, you will recover more money than if you represent yourself.
  2. They give a recorded statement to an insurance adjuster about the facts of the accident and their injuries. Never give a recorded statement! If you do, the insurance company has you on the record. Their attorneys will ask you the same questions at your deposition and again at trial. No one can tell the same story the same way three times and they will use the inconsistencies against you. And,
  3. They believe that the insurance adjuster is on their side, is nice and trying to help them – they are not. The insurance adjuster is attempting to minimize the insurance company’s exposure. Don’t believe me, watch this CNN story.

Time Limit to File a Claim:

Victims of auto accidents often fail to act soon enough to ensure they are fully compensated for their injuries, the damage to their cars and for their pain and suffering. In Illinois, there is a two year statute of limitations in which you have in order to file a lawsuit, or you lose your right to recover.

The timeline varies depending on the cause of action. A claim for personal injury is different than a claim for defamation, for example. The statute is also different for minors who are injured. Their statute does not start to run until they turn 18 years old. Finally, the statute is different if you are injured by a governmental employee or vehicle. In that case, you have one year from the date of the accident or injury to file notice with the attorney general of Illinois and two years to file a lawsuit.

Types of auto accidents:

In addition to the typical fender-bender or rear-enders that we see every day on Chicago, Illinois expressways like the Edens and Dan Ryan, there are many other types of auto accident cases. These could include lawsuits for defective products that malfunctioned at the time of a crash, such as bad tires or breaks or perhaps your SUV rolled over. The suit could be against the government or a government contractor for the defective design of a road, failure to timely clear debris from the road or the defective design of the roadway itself. Our Chicago auto accident attorney is experienced at identifying who the proper defendants in a lawsuit should be.

Dedicated, driven auto accident Illinois attorneys

We prepare every case we handle as if it is going to trial. No shortcuts will be taken. Our representation will be aggressive, modern and thorough. And we can represent you wherever you are in Illinois. To contact our office regarding your auto accident, call us today at 312-848-9783.

Case Results

Just Settled – A client was driving his minivan in Hoffman Estates when he was hit from the side. His leg jammed into his break resulting in two torn ligaments that required surgery. We recovered $25,000.00 from the defendant’s insurance company and an additional $70,000.00 from our client underinsured motorist policy.

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