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Cycling is increasingly becoming one of the most popular activities for millions of Americans. One of the reasons is that it helps maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition, its also an effective alternative means of transportation.

Chicago was recently ranked the best bicycling city in the country! However, Illinois as a whole can be a dangerous place for bikers to ride.

According to a report released in 2014, Illinois was ranked as the fifth most dangerous state for cyclists. In 2013, approximately 3,624 bicycle accidents occurred in Illinois with 30 of them ending in fatalities. An additional 3,353 of those accidents led to “serious” injuries – our firm represented many of those riders. The number of bike accidents is increasing and injuries continue to worsen. Despite the danger of getting hit by a car, the average bicyclist rides with little to no protective gear. If you’re going to ride, gear up.

Causes of Bicycle Accidents in Illinois

Motorists driving too close to bikers: A bicycle is entitled to the same space as other motorists. Although the law dictates that bikers drive on the right side of the road, motorists should create enough distance between them and the cyclists to avoid collision.

Dooring: Many bicycle accidents occur when someone opens a door without checking for bikers.

Blind spots: Bicyclists have a much smaller profile than a car. Even smaller than a motorcycle. Cars innately have blind spots. Drivers aren’t paying attention while driving these days let alone trying to search for riders in their blind spot.

Texting: It’s a given-in to point out that drivers are driving while talking on their phone or texting. It happens all the time on every road every single day.

Case Results

Our Client – Our client was riding his bicycle when he was hit from behind and went down. He suffered a fractured wrist and two transverse fractures in his spine. After aggressive negotiation, the case resolved for $94,000.00.

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