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There is an epidemic of Chicago bus accidents. You can read the stories about bus accidents in the Chicago Tribune or Sun Times. A recent analysis by CBS Channel 2 estimated that a Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) bus crashes at least one time every day.

“Analysis: CTA Averages 1 Bus Crash Per Day”

Other headlines involving bus accidents are just as disturbing:

Chicago Tribune:

“CTA bus driver cited for negligence; home demolished”

CBS 2 Chicago:

“Two Men Killed in Freak Bus Accident”


“School bus crashed after driver leaned out to vomit: lawsuit”

WGN TV.com:

“9 hospitalized after CTA bus crash on West Side”

A bus accident injury may occur due to an accident with PACE buses, tour buses from companies like Greyhound, Coach USA and Grayline Tours, and on standard yellow school buses like First Student, taking kids to and from school.
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Chicago bus accidents can be complicated

Bus accident cases can be very complicated. They often involve multiple parties. Further, there are often multiple plaintiffs each sustaining various injuries. These accidents are further complicated by the sheer size and speed of buses. Often, injuries are not restricted to soft tissue or whiplash but often involve catastrophic injuries or wrongful death.

As a result, it is critical to telephone our Chicago bus accident attorney immediately after you are injured in an bus accident. This will allow our office to intervene at the earliest possible moment to ensure that evidence is protected, witness testimony is secured and that you seek the best medical care for your injuries.

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