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Chicago Police MisconductChicago police misconduct, brutality and the use of excessive force (in most major metropolitan areas) is a fact of life. Just this year, Chicago finally came to terms with one of the biggest alleged violators of Chicago police brutality, John Burge.

Chicago Tribune “Burge found guilty of lying about torture

The Burge case cannot be looked at in isolation. In 2007, the University of Chicago came out with a remarkable study of police investigations into Chicago police misconduct cases. The results are stunning. Among the findings are the following:

  • Excessive force complaints are much less likely to be investigated in Chicago than in other cities
  • In more than 85% of cases, the accused officers are not even interviewed beyond filling out a brief form.
  • A small percentage of the police force is responsible for most of the Chicago police brutality complaints

See “Futterman Releases Study of Chicago Police Department’s “Broken System

Just because this type of Chicago police misconduct occurs, does not mean you have to accept it. We hold our police officers to a higher standard – to protect and serve – Chicago police brutality is unacceptable. Most CPD officers abide by the law, but when officers get out of line our office is prepared to represent you in a civil claim against the Chicago Police Department and the offending officers to compensate you for your injuries, your pain and suffering and for violation of your Chicago civil rights.

If you are the victim of police brutality, telephone us at 312-848-9783.

Different forms of Chicago police misconduct

Chicago police misconduct can take many different forms. If you or a loved one has been the victim of one of these violations, contact our office immediately:

  • Chicago police brutality – illegal assault and battery – use of excessive force: if a police officer uses excessive force against you, he or she may be liable for his or her conduct the same as any private citizen
  • Police violation of your Constitutional Rights: the police have the right to detain you, but they do not have the right to deny you your constitutional rights such as your Miranda warnings or to violate your Constitutional rights by stopping you based on your race – if you are the victim of this type of Chicago police misconduct – Contact us immediately
  • Stun gun: if a police officer unlawfully uses a stun gun or other excessive force to detain you, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering
  • False arrest: police officers do not have the right to arrest you for no legitimate reason. This type of Chicago police misconduct is one of the most common claims made against the police
  • Bribes: if a police officer solicits a bribe from you for any purpose he or she is violating the law

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If you need a Chicago police brutality attorney, telephone us at 312-848-9783

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