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One second is all it takes for a routine drive in Prospect Heights, Illinois – running errands, heading to sideswiped in prospect heights car accidentwork on the Tri-State, picking up the kids from soccer practice – to turn into a tragedy.

Car accidents happen on America’s roads and highways almost every minute of every day, leaving drivers and passengers alike with often catastrophic injuries and lives turned upside-down. Even “minor’ car accident injuries can lead to massive medical expenses, weeks or months of lost income, and other challenges. When these struggles are another driver’s fault, they should bear the responsibility for the pain, injuries, and losses they cause.

Our Prospect Heights Car Accident Attorneys Fight To Get You The Compensation You Need

At Chicago Legal Group, our Prospect Heights auto accident attorneys represent individuals throughout Chicagoland who are living in the aftermath of a crash. We understand that it can be a difficult time, with confusion about what to do and who to turn to. Dealing with painful and debilitating injuries is hard enough. But worries about paying for needed medical care and all of life’s other expenses while being unable to work can make things even more stressful. We get it. That is why we fight relentlessly to get you the answers, guidance, and compensation that can help you move forward.

We also get that you may never have needed or met with an attorney before. We make meeting with us easy and unintimidating. When you call Chicago Legal Group, you’ll be treated like a person, not a file. We will listen to your story, answer your questions, and pursue all available avenues of compensation

We have decades of experience successfully representing injured individuals in Prospect Heights and surrounding communities and throughout Chicagoland, obtaining substantial amounts of compensation for clients injured in every type of auto accident, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Uninsured and underinsured motorist crashes
  • Hit-and-run collisions
  • Drunk driving accidents
  • Rideshare/Uber/Lyft accidents

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Car Accident Spotlight: Will There Be A Trial In My Car Accident Lawsuit?

There is a big difference between filing a car accident injury lawsuit and having a trial in a car accident injury lawsuit. The former does not necessarily mean the latter. In fact, the odds are pretty high that your case will end in a settlement that puts compensation in your pocket rather than a judgment that comes from a judge or jury.

Americans injured in car accidents and other incidents file hundreds of thousands of personal injury lawsuits every year, but only about four to five percent of those cases go all the way to trial. That means that around 95% of all car accident and other personal injury lawsuits end before trial. Some of these lawsuits conclude with a pre-trial legal ruling by a judge, but the overwhelming majority of these lawsuits end through a negotiated settlement.

There are two main reasons why so many car accident cases settle before trial: certainty and cost. The car insurance companies that represent the defendant and will be on the hook for any damages like predictability but hate spending money. There are no “slam dunks” in personal injury cases; even if the insurer thinks they have a good case, a judge or jury could come back with a verdict against them. The certainty of reaching and paying a settlement can be more attractive than the risk of a large judgment. Similarly, taking a personal injury lawsuit through trial can cost defendants and insurance companies enormous sums in legal fees that they avoid by settling.

Even though most lawsuits settle, the amount of a settlement can depend on the plaintiff’s attorney being ready and willing to take a case all the way. When an insurer knows they will have a fight on their hands against a tenacious and well-prepared car accident lawyer, they are more likely to make a more substantial offer than they would if they thought the lawyer was just trying to get a quick settlement.

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If you were in an auto accident in Prospect Heights, answers, help, and an attorney dedicated to your well-being are only a few miles away. Located in Glenview, Chicago Legal Group focuses exclusively on the representation of personal injury victims, using our experience, tenacity, and advocacy skills to get our clients the compensation and resources they need to move forward with their lives. Your initial consultation is free, and you pay nothing in attorney’s fees until we obtain compensation for you.

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