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There are a high percentage of bikers in the 815 area code – lots of rural roads to ride on. The result of that motorcycle personal injury lawyer woodstock illinoisis a lot of motorcycle accidents. So be careful out there. If you need a Woodstock motorcycle accident lawyer to represent you in your dispute with an insurance company, contact our office now at 1-847-305-4105.

Process of a Motorcycle Accident Case

The process of resolving a motorcycle accident claim can take a long time. Even though you may have a great case and liability is undisputed, it may take you a long time to treat for your injuries, or the insurance company may engage in their typical Deny, Delay and Diminish tactics.

So, it’s important to understand the process up front that your motorcycle accident lawyers are going to go through to get you the compensation you deserve.

Here is a short explanation of how your case is going to go:

  1. You get involved in an accident and contact our office.
  2. We have a telephone call with you and possibly an in-person meeting with us. You don’t have to come to us, we’ll drive to Woodstock or anywhere in McHenry County to meet with you.
  3. You start to get or continue to get the medical care you need to recover.
  4. We investigate the accident – we call witnesses, we order the police report and so forth.
  5. We file claims and “letters of representation” with both insurance companies – the company for the driver that hit you and your own insurance company – it’s important as described on this site many times.
  6. Your property damage will be the first thing resolved – though this can take some time. Appraisals are required and you may have to get it yourself if the defendant’s insurance company doesn’t have a local inspector, which is sometimes the case.
  7. Once property damage is done and liability is determined, you continue treating – there is almost nothing your Woodstock motorcycle accident lawyer can do until you are done getting medical treatment – this is a main reason why cases take so long.
  8. We will put your health insurance company on notice that you were injured in a motorcycle accident. They will provide us a list of all the medical providers they paid for.
  9. Once you’re done treating, we will order your medical bills and records from all your providers. There are likely providers you do not know about. And we often have to order the bills and the records separately and from different places.
  10. We then review in detail all your medical bills and records. We speak with you about the facts of the accident and your pain and suffering after the accident.
  11. We then write a demand letter to the insurance company explaining all aspects of your case and demanding compensation. How much varies by the case.
  12. The insurance company will make an offer, often very low and we will negotiate your personal injury claims with them.
  13. We will agree on a settlement or alternatively, a lawsuit may have to be filed.
  14. If we agree on a settlement, we then negotiate with your health insurance and medical providers to lower their outstanding medical bills so that you maximize your recovery.
  15. The insurance company will send a ‘release’ for you to sign releasing them and their insured from all liability in exchange for the compensation – all claims from signing on will thereby be waived.
  16. Once the insurance company receives the signed release, they cut a check made payable to our firm and to you.
  17. We then deposit the check in our client trust account, wait for it to clear, then pay back your hospital, Medicare or Medicaid bills and liens, cut you a check, cut our office our attorneys’ fees and mail all the checks out.
  18. If we were unable to settle the claim and a lawsuit has to be filed, we will bring in co-counsel to litigate the matter.

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Do I Need a Lawyer for a Motorcycle Accident Case?

Hopefully, after reading all the work that goes into your motorcycle accident case, you see that hiring a lawyer to represent you after you suffer injuries in a motorcycle accident case is extremely important. The amount of work that goes into finalizing a case is astounding.

In short, hiring a lawyer is going to assure you that you won’t be low balled by an insurance company and that all loose ends of the case will be resolved.

And the insurance companies will low ball you. So many times, we’ve had accident victims try and manage cases on their own only to call 18 months later looking for help. By that time, there may have been real damage done to the case.

If you live in or around Woodstock or anywhere in McHenry County, including in these cities, we can help:

  • Wonder Lake
  • Crystal Lake
  • McHenry
  • Harvard

Call us today for free advice at 1-847-305-4105.

Woodstock, the County Seat of McHenry County

Woodstock is the County Seat of McHenry County and we have been there many times and in many different capacities. First, our office is located in neighboring Lake County and therefore we’ve had a lot of calls from folks in the McHenry County area. Also, in a past life we worked for a company that required us to call on the folks at the courthouse in Woodstock on a weekly basis.

Many times we’ve taken the 90 to the 47 and gone north to get up into Woodstock. We’ve also been by the Woodstock Harley Davidson many times.

If you were injured in an accident and would like some free time with a motorcycle attorney, reach out to us. We’re an open book.

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